About The Smiling Madame Beudet/Coeur Fidèle

Year Released:
1922 & 1923
Silent/Live Accompaniment
French filmmakers Germaine Dulac and Jean Epstein wrote prolifically on the seemingly “magical” capabilities of the moving image, which they declared the “7th Art.” The cinematic potential for rhythmic movement and the magnification of detail that gave meaning to the smallest of gestures defined the medium for these early critics. These two films reveal their dedication to expressing interior, psychological states through visual experimentation. Both remain among the most stunning works of the narrative avantgarde. (16mm presentation) Live musical accompaniment provided by the band Garden Gates.

Garden Gates
Garden Gates is a group of Bloomington musicians interested in improvisation, mood, dynamics and accompanying moving images. Members include Erin Tobey, Dave Walter, Jeff Grant, Evan Whikehart, and Josephine McRobbie.

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