About Visualizing Experimental Science Short Film Program

This program pairs science-themed experimental cinema with scientific educational films from the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive. The films' dreamy, surreal, and sometimes startling responses to scientific progress and practices attempt to bridge a commonly perceived gap between the fields: can science be “art”? Films include Barbara Hammer's haunting X-ray film Sanctus (1990), Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt's sonically lush 20 Hz (2011) and educational films such as Microscopic Wonders in Water (1953) and The Science of Musical Sounds (1964). Some content may not be suitable for children. (Multiple format presentation)

The program includes: Liquid Crystals, Jean Painlevé (1978, 35mm, 6 min.)
20 Hz, Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt (2011, DCP, 4 min.)
Memory Vapor, Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand (2008, DCP, 2 min.)
Sanctus, Barbara Hammer (1990, 16mm, 20 min.)
The Science of Musical Sounds (1964, 16mm, 11 min.)
Microscopic Wonders in Water (1953, 16mm, 11 min.)
The Living Cell: An Introduction (1974, 16mm, 19 min.)

The 35mm print of Jean Painlevé’s Liquid Crystals is provided by Les Documents Cinematographiques in Paris. The 16mm prints of The Science of Musical Sounds, Microscopic Wonders in Water, and The Living Cell: An Introduction are provided by the Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive.

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