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Comedy, Drama
A poetic meditation on Africa at the turn of the new millennium, Life on Earth imagines Mali on the last day of the last century. A “fictional documentary,” Life on Earth interlaces images of Sokolo, a border town in Mali, with readings from Aime Césaire, the Caribbean critic of colonialism, and the sounds of the world famous Malian singer Salif Keita. At the center of this film are the dense connections between technologies, people, and places. In French and Bambara languages with English subtitles. (35mm presentation)

This screening is sponsored by the College Arts and Humanities Institute, African Studies Program, the Black Film Center/ Archive, the Department of Comparative Literature, the Department of History, Film and Media Studies, The Media School, and the IU Cinema. Special thanks to Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Institut Français, Amélie Garin-Davet, and Marissa Moorman. Screenings are free, but ticketed.

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