About Pet Sematary

Year Released:
Horror, Thriller

The Creed family—Louis, Rachel, and their children, Ellie and Gage—is just settling into a new country home in Maine when the family cat, Church, meets an untimely death. Convinced by a neighbor to bury the animal in a nearby pet cemetery, Louis soon learns how the ground—an ancient burial site—can change a thing. Yet, when their toddler Gage wanders onto a busy road and is tragically killed by a semi-trailer truck, Louis is inconsolable and determined to resurrect him by any means necessary. Based on the Stephen King horror novel of the same name, the film adaptation rights for Pet Sematary were originally sold in 1984 to George A. Romero, but Romero chose to leave the production to finish another film, Monkey Shines. Mary Lambert was Paramount’s first choice to replace Romero. She began her career in music video—creating iconic videos for The Go-Gos, The Eurythmics, Sting, and Janet Jackson. Just one month prior to the release of Pet Sematary, Lambert directed Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” video, which premiered to protests from the Catholic Church and a call for boycott from the pope himself. Contains mature content.

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