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Released in the U.S. as Five Angles on Murder, this British film noir begins when a local newspaper boy discovers the widow Agnes Huston (Jean Kent) dead in her own home. She is believed to have been murdered, but who did the dastardly deed? The detective on the case, Superintendent Lodge, sets out to question her neighbors, her lovers, and her sister in an attempt to discover more about Agnes and what may have unfolded in her bedroom on that fateful evening. It becomes patently clear Agnes was a complex character as each interviewee casts quite a different tale of the woman they knew. She’s known as a polite and well-mannered gentlewoman, a disrespectful and cruel drunk, and a captivating and mysterious fortune-teller, among other characterizations—but which is the real Agnes, and who would have wanted her dead? Print courtesy of British Film Institute from the BFI National Archive. Contains mature content.

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