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Drama, Musical

Judy Garland had no better showcase of her formidable singing and acting talent than as the title star of 1954’s A Star is Born, the moving, memorable classic directed by George Cukor. One of the most beloved show-business stories of all time, the movie represents a career peak for many who were involved in the production. Garland is singer Esther Blodgett, an undeniable talent on the rise. She catches the eye of Norman Maine (James Mason), an alcoholic actor in career decline. Their intense love transforms them both. Garland performs one superb song after another—most are by Harold Arlen and Ira Gershwin—in a production that exhilarates with its craft and style even as its story moves toward a heartbreaking finale. A Star is Born was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Actor and Best Actress nominations for both Mason and Garland. This screening will be of the 1983 reconstructed version of the film, produced in collaboration with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Warner Brothers.

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