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Agnès Varda’s filmography spans over six decades and includes immense variety, making her work difficult to classify. She created French New Wave landmarks, personal documentaries, essay films, family dramas, and many films that are a hybrid of these categories. Uniting her approach, however, is an unwavering curiosity in the humanity of people around her. Whether following one woman through an afternoon of dread and self-discovery (Cléo from 5 to 7) or painting a complex portrait of the social practice and survival strategy of gleaning discarded items (The Gleaners and I), Varda exhibits a profound interest in her subjects.

For audiences, Varda’s curiosity has proven infectious, and her personal presence in many of her documentaries offers an additional point of connection to her films. It’s easy for Varda fans to feel like they know her.

Elizabeth Roell

Elizabeth Roell is the Lead House Manager at the IU Cinema and a co-host of A Place for Film: The Official IU Cinema Podcast. She has a bachelor's degree in Communication and Culture and Telecommunications from Indiana University.

David Carter

David Carter is a co-founder of Cicada Cinema, contributor to the IU Cinema blog, and co-host of A Place For Film: The Official IU Cinema Podcast. His love of film ranges from Speed Racer to The Holy Mountain to Do the Right Thing to everything far away and in between.

Joan Hawkins

Joan Hawkins is an associate professor in Cinema and Media Studies in The Media School at Indiana University. Her research interests include film theory and history, taste politics, horror cinema, European art cinema, film subcultures, and the avant-garde, with additional teaching interests in theater and performance art, gender politics and theory, panic culture, women directors, Fascism and Psychoanalysis, genre theory, the body in cinema, and sex. Her two recent edited anthologies are William S. Burroughs: Cutting Up the Century (2018, Indiana University Press) and Downtown Film and TV Culture 1975-2001 (2015, University of Chicago Press). She is also the author of Cutting Edge: Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant-garde (2000, University of Minnesota Press) and an active member of the Writer’s Guild and arts community in Bloomington, Indiana.

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