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Not rated
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Drama, Musical

An army soldier named Joe (Harry Belafonte) falls in love with Carmen (Dorothy Dandridge), a beautiful and seductive factory worker. Carmen makes Joe forget about his former true love, Cindy Lou. When Joe kills his sergeant during a fight, the lovers flee to escape the police. Joe goes AWOL to Chicago with Carmen, but she is already tiring of Joe, and her affections are gravitating towards boxing champ Husky Miller. When her friend Frankie (Pearl Bailey) reads her fortune in the cards and the cards show death, Carmen decides her fate is predestined and chooses to live fully and true to her desires. This screen version of Carmen Jones, adapted from the 1943 musical of the same name, is based on Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen. Broadway legend Oscar Hammerstein II adapted the original score for the updated musical and the film.

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