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Rock Historian and IU Provost Professor of Music Glenn Gass is scheduled to be present. Chronicling the life of Brian Wilson, creative genius behind the rock ‘n’ roll group The Beach Boys, this film also documents the inability of individuals to recognize or talk about mental health, the struggles of people with depression, and the primitive level of care in the 1960s. Nominated for two Golden Globe® awards and awards from more than 50 critics and film festivals, the actors—Paul Dano (as the younger Wilson), John Cusack (as the older Wilson), and Paul Giamatti as the “therapist”—are extraordinary. Summed up by critic Mark Hughes: “So many films attempt to portray mental illness and genius as if they are in a symbiotic relationship. Such romanticized, excessively sentimental depictions of artists/geniuses with mental illness end up dehumanizing the characters and transforming their pain and suffering into a supposedly beautiful ‘price’ they pay in order for the world to benefit via artistic express of their illness … [Love & Mercy] transcends such trite and inaccurate portrayals.” (2K DCP Presentation)  

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Thurs, Jan 21, 7 pm