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Ann Walton is a soon-to-be-married bookkeeper who, after working late one night, is stalked and raped. The perpetrator is a local vendor whose previous attempts at flirtation with Ann were met with polite declination. She feels unable to identify the rapist and attempts to move on with her life as if the incident never occurred. She soon finds herself tumbling into a distressing spiral of isolation and fear and flees her hometown and her fiancé in hopes it will bring relief. Outrage was well ahead of its time as one of the first Hollywood films to deal forthrightly with the topic of sexual assault. Compounding Lupino’s challenge of addressing the stigmatized and weighty topic, at the time of production the Motion Picture Production Code prohibited the use of the words “rape” and “rapist” in the film’s script. Print courtesy of British Film Institute from the BFI National Archive.

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