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Action/Adventure, Drama

Lady Cynthia Darrington (Katharine Hepburn) is an intelligent, liberated, and unconventionally beautiful aviatrix who soars into a torrid affair with Sir Christopher Strong (Colin Clive),  a member of Parliament, and crashes into unendurable heartbreak. Christopher Strong is a pre-Code melodramatic story that is as much keen-edged steel as tears, thanks to Hepburn’s gutsy performance—in her second film and first star vehicle—and to the taut direction of Arzner. The film would mark Hepburn’s only on-screen portrayal as “the other woman.” Billie Burke, one of Arzner’s close friends, also shines in a supporting performance as Lady Elaine Strong. For the screenplay, Arzner recruited Pulitzer Prize—winning poet, playwright, and novelist Zoë Akins to adapt Gilbert Frankau’s 1932 novel of the same name. Among the film’s highlights are Hepburn as the world’s most glamorous moth in a stunning silver lamé costume designed by Walter Plunkett (Gone With the Wind). In English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, and Latin with English subtitles. Print courtesy of UCLA Film and Television Archive.

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