About SECS Shorts #2: Holes and Wholes

Not rated
Year Released:
Experimental, Short

These thought-provoking shorts explore the more serious side of sex, with themes of trust, transformation, healing, nature, and the universe. Ranging from magical-realist fantasies to documentaries to poetic essays, these films all use sex to think through personal, philosophical, and metaphysical issues, stimulating your mind as much as your body. Contains unsimulated sex, nudity, and flashing imagery.

Films in this program include:

  • Fisherman (Nicky Miller, Germany, 2021, 10 min)
  • Tears for Water: A Selkie Fantasy (ScumTrust, United States, 2021, 5 min)
  • Hole Theory (Mahx Capacity, United States, 2021, 12 min)
  • Saint Plaisir (Ivan Sobris, France, 2020, 18 min)
  • Another Beautiful Creature (Mahx Capacity, Germany, 2021, 15 min)
  • Letting Go (Finn Peaks, Germany, 2021, 12 min)
  • The MultiVerse in a MouthF*ck (JorgeTheObscene, Chile, 2019, 21 min)

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