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Hecuba (Katharine Hepburn), Queen of the Trojans, is the deposed ruler of a ruined kingdom after the Trojan Wars. Her son, and Troy’s champion, Hector has been killed, and his widow Andromache (Vanessa Redgrave) faces the devastating news that King Agamemnon has sentenced her son Astyanax to death, ensuring the extinction of Troy’s royal bloodline. Meanwhile, Hecuba’s daughter Cassandra (Geneviève Bujold)—driven to madness by the ravages of war—dreads her potential new role as concubine to Agamemnon, and the infamous Helen of Troy (Irene Papas) awaits her own fate. The Trojan Women is a searing portrait of the aftermath of war and the women who remain in the uncertainty between life and death long after the battles have ended. Irene Papas, who appears in all three of Cacoyannis’ Euripides films, won the National Board of Review Best Actress Award for her role as Helen of Troy.

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